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We use an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform to provide a more efficient method for investors to get the right data for making better investment decisions. 

NetworkFinancials has services for both the individual, independent investor and fund managers or those investing for others. The services we provide enable these investors to make better investments with with better data.

For Individuals

This is a proactive service where the investor gets a list of promising, qualified companies on a quarterly basis from NetworkFinancial’s proprietary platform. This qualified list is intended to help minimize investment risk and at the same time can yield better return on Investment. The user with this service does not  provide any input or selection criteria.


Coming soon. This is a dynamic service where the user can query NetworkFinancial Data Platform by company name or symbol to find relevant and key information which can help in adjusting existing portfolio choices.


For Fund Managers

This is a licensed-based dynamic service where the investor gets a rating related to the competitors in a selected industry segment. The user can query using company name or company symbol to find our rating based on a our proprietary algorithm. Other standard related information pertaining to that company is also available.


This is a licensed-based service by which institutional users (such as wealth managers, hedge fund managers) can get a pre-qualified list of companies  known to provide a good return on investment. They can use this list to enhance their existing portfolio or create new portfolios to provide build better return for their clients.



  • Better datasets supported by well-qualified learning algorithms
  • Performance reports generated in a timely manner
  • Information discovered is both time and cost optimal
  • Allows flexibility in decision making
  • Personalized service offerings